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WEST Region

key figures of the region

This éolane Breton Region of 160 employees has 18,500m2 of factory and operates throughout the entire life cycle of a professional electronics product. It has, in particular, a 600m2 building dedicated to after-sales / logistics activities and an engineering office.

The WEST Region assist its customers from design to end-of-life product management. It designs, manufactures and tests cables, electronic PCBA, assembles modules and terminals, integrates racks.



  • Product / Process Industrialisation
  • IPC A610 Class 3  Telecom / MultiMedia cards - Defense
  • Complex integration (sub-assemblies, interconnection) and of Cabinets or Racks
  • From small series (OF between 10 / 100pcs) to medium series (OF between 100 and 500pcs)
  • Test benches development expertise
  • Research and development
  • Radio Frequency and Telecom
  • Secure storage, ZRR (1), AFCI (2)
  • Logistics services

Specifics skills


  • Design of cards, modules, electronic systems
  • Embedded software design, HMI and PC
  • Design of test facilities
  • Mechanical concept
  • Industrialisation of products (Terminals / Infrastructures)
  • Expertise - Consulting (upstream study, proof of concept))
  • Production support (ex MOC of resources)
  • Redesign to cost
  • Reverse engineering



Photo Bancs de Test

  • Introduction of New Products and Co-development
  • Definition and optimization of manufacturing process
  • Validation of normative requirements (CE, UL, CSA)
  • Product qualification
  • Manufacturability assessment
  • Study and realization of functional test means
  • Sourcing and cost reduction process


  • Supply and obsolescence management
  • Assembly and testing of complex electronic systems
  • Integration of sensitive communications solutions (secure - encrypted)
  • Debugging, leak test, temperature test
  • Pull process, KANBAN
  • Management of customer configurations on D + 1
  • Respect of delivery times
  • Traceability management


After-Sales Services/Logistics

Photo Logistique

  • Various services
    • Reception of material / control
    • Storage, inventory
    • Order preparation
    • Picking / Pairing / Configuration / reading serial number
  • BtoB / BtoC logistics
    • Delivery in France / Europe and Worldwide
    • BtB = more than 30,000 packages per year
    • BtC = more than 100,000 packages per year
    • Parcel tracking by Web-service
  • Return logistics
    • Classic RMA, Swap and Advanced Swap
    • Tri-Test / Repair / Renovation and Repackaging of products
    • Waste management
    • Supplier return management


  • Upstream logistics
    • Stock management
    • Receipt on order
    • Quality control entant
    • Rolling inventory, annual ...
    • Item database (nomenclature and change management), suppliers, Customers, etc.
    • Support of orders to end customers
    • Specific operations: pairing, serialization, software recovery, hardware upgrade, etc.
    • Packaging, search for a shipping solution, compliance with transport standards (IATA, etc.)

Logistics picture

  • Downstream logistics (after-sales service, MOC, etc.)
    • Technical hotline
    • Management of customer returns (RMA, Swap, Advance SWAP, etc.)
    • Tri-test, Repair, upgrade, refurbishing, repackaging ...
    • Guarantee management versus suppliers
    • Repair statistics
    • Waste and WEEE management
  • IT tools
    • Dedicated tools, configurable to customer needs,
    • EDI interfaces, web service
    • Track and trace at carrier and stock level (concept of deposit vs process)
    • Extranet access possible in consultation or interactivity in the processes
    • Monthly reporting, Billing, KPI, statistics ...

Modèle Logistique

Production tools

Expert in subcontracting the manufacture of electronic cards from small to medium series, integration, after-sales service and logistics, the WEST Region of éolane has at its disposal a wide range of technologies to support its customers throughout the entire life cycle of their products.

Schéma Outils de produciton

Test ICT Lit à clous
ICT (In Circuit Test)
  • 1 SMD Line (25,000 cps / h) Europlacer
  • Pyramax 125A 10 Zone reflow oven (air)
  • Selective wave ROHS & PB under nitrogen
  • Xray and AOI quality control
  • Test methods: Genrad, Takaya, Jtag, Boundary

Machine Capability 

  • Max PCB dimensions (700mmx460mm)
  • Max PCB thickness 10mm 3Kg
  • Placement accuracy 35μm
  • Magazine capacity of 462 positions
  • Case type: Chips, SOT, SOD, MELFS, Electrolytic capacitors, SO, PLCC, QTP, TSOP, QFN, BGA, μBGA, CSP, connectors and exotic
  • Minimum case size 0.4mm x 0.2mm (01005) / minimum pitch 0.3mm