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Telecom & Multimedia

The éolane Group, present on 3 continents, with 2,400 employees including 120 R&D engineers and highly qualified production teams, guarantees technological performance, proximity and customer intimacy with pragmatism and agility.

Connected objects become an essential service in order to meet security, compliance and time-saving needs. éolane helps you meet the challenges related to the safety, adaptability, traceability and reliability of your products.

Connected technology

Connected technology
The 3rd digital revolution and the 4th industrial revolution are underway: 50 billion connected objects should see the light of day by 2025. Communication interfaces and bandwidths are constantly evolving. Connected objects become an essential service to meet needs such as:

  • Personal safety
  • Operational efficiency
  • Automation
  • Environment and ecology

With several decades of experience in this field, éolane offers solutions combining several communications technologies in: Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Buildings, Smart Industry, Fleet Management, Smart logistics, et Smart –Agri. Being a pioneer in the application of new Iot LPWAN networks (Lora, Sigfox), éolane also masters GPS, 2G, 3G, 4G, WIFI, Bluetooth, Nbiot and LTEM technologies and is experimenting with future standards such as 5G.

Logo des réseaux telecom de GPS au Bluetooth


Being able to present a mature “technological building bricks” portfolio, éolane provides customers with relevant differentiating elements.

Telecom & Multimedia applications #eolaneinside

Connected multimedia

Photo Time Lap  Pixio

  • Professional time lapse autonomous with integrated solar panel, communicates in Wi-Fi and 4G. Captures the evolution of a construction site, cultural events or timelapses of landscapes
  • PIXEM and PIXIO are camera robots that film moving subjects, both indoors and outdoors, with an automatic zoom

Fleet Management

Photo Xee

  • Connected object embedded in vehicles for monitoring and data management

Smart logistics

Photo Taxbox  Pikit

  • Autonomous connected object for tracking containers and packaging worldwide.
  • Barcode scanner with voice recognition for shopping on the internet. Pikit is equipped with wi-fi and Bluetooth.

Luxury connected multimedia

Photo Phantom

  • A connected speaker, Phantom Premier is an intense and revolutionary emotional experience, plug & play.

Universal connected object

Photo Live


  • A turnkey solution for connecting objects to the GSM network and managing the data collected, Bluetooth low energy (BLE) connectivity and a battery with several days of autonomy."The special feature of Pops lies in the GSM broadcast quality of the modules, the most efficient on the market", says Luc Bretones, director of the Orange Techno centre.

Box Pro


Photo Box

  • Pro box for telephony, data, switchboard management, very high speed unified communications (very fast signals)


Photo Airbag

  • Electronic motorcycle airbag: analysis and protection detection. Connected and autonomous objects.

Certifications and normative references

Certified environnement ISO 14001Certified Quality Management US 9001 Logo Lora et Zigfox

  • Founding member of LoRa alliance
  • Competence Centre Sigfox

éolane strengths

 Favicon éolane

  • Proximity, a Made In France production on 3 continents
  • Support, a multi-business and market project team (R&D, methods, industrialization, purchasing)
  • Agility, an iterative and flexible method of studies to support clients upstream of their projects with a dedicated Proof of Concept
  • Proof of Concept Unit, Design Office & Integrated Prototype Service
  • Design For Manufacturing,Test and Purchase
  • Innovation, a portfolio of innovations in order to provide relevant differentiating elements
  • Flexibility, industrial resources adapted to needs (low and high mix)
  • Reliability, production in a controlled environment
  • Product & process traceability
  • Radio expertise
  • Test, EMC tests, Safety, Internalized Radio
  • Obsolescence management
  • Dedicated storage and logistics