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System expertise

The System business within the éolane R&D aims to understand customer needs (expressed or not), to transcribe them into technical and functional requirements, and to ensure their verification once the prototypes have been designed.

Area of operation

  • Taking into account the customer's system and its specificities
  • Technical specifications writing support
  • Normative analysis support
  • Choice of adapted technological processes 
  • Taking account of operational safety constraints
  • Product's system architecture definition

Differentiation criteria

  • Support by expertise :
    • Tested dependability process on typical projects
    • Thermal studies of the product in its environment
  • Integrated certification laboratory 
  • Multidisciplinary teams in permanent contact (Project, System, Mechanics, Electronics, Software, Purchasing, Production, etc.)
  • A very wide variety of products already developed across many business sectors and their associated normative environments
  • An average experience of 20 years

L'expertise Système

TSchéma système he system business within the éolane R&D is part of a development process, supported by those involved in the implementation business (mechanics, software and electronics). From the customer specifications, he allocates the product requirements to each of the businesses for the detailed design phase. 
System activities are governed by a quality process allowing repeatability and implementation of project Retex in developments. This process adapts to the complexity of the project and adds the necessary expertise if necessary (operational reliability for example).
To achieve the objectives defined by the project while integrating the manufacturing and integration constraints defined by the production sites, four main phases have been defined:

Specification phase:

  • Transcribe the functional and dysfunctional need
  • Define the environment in which the product operates (standards, environment, interfaces)
  • Prepare for the audit (plan and resources)

Architecture phase:

  • Break down the need into Functional Architecture / Candidate Architecture
  • Allocate to implementation professions
    • Requirements induced by design choices
  • Prepare for integration

Integration phase:

  • Assemble functions according to a defined plan
  • Check the performance of assembled functions

Verification phase:

  • Check that the product meets the requirements of the specification
    • In operation
    • In performance
    • Normally