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Specification and design

Thanks to a strong innovation dynamic and a close relationship with their customers, éolane's 120 R&D engineers are able to offer tailor-made solutions and services for product design. In the upstream phase, support can take several forms: 

  • Proof Of Concept (POC) realization to validate the functionality of the product / system
  • Technical feasibility to assess the limits of a function


  • Specification maturity
    • Clarification of operating limits
    • Integration of environmental and normative constraints
    • Transcription of customer requirements into technical requirements
    • Integration of industrial constraints

This first phase should make it possible to produce the elements of specifications for the various trades and then to engage the architectures, essential hinges, between the specification and the design before the realization of the prototypes.

These steps make it possible to refine the need in order to orient clients towards the best possible solution in various fields of application (embedded systems, energy converters, artificial intelligence, etc.) and in coherence with the objectives of the project.

Adapting to all requests, éolane offers a specification and design process adapted to each market: ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 13485, CMMI lvl2 , HIS ASPICE lvl 2,  ATEX, IEC 61508 SIL2, DO DAL-C, EN 50126, ISO 26262 ASIL-B.

Photo spécification


  • Embedded systems
  • Motor control
  • Battery management
  • Energy conversion
  • Artificial intelligence
  • HMI (Mechanics, Graphics, UX Design)
  • Feasibility study, modelling (Proof Of Concept)
  • Test benches, harness design

System expertise 

  • Definition of needs
  • Functional analysis
  • Architecture / modelling
  • Tooled traceability matrix
  • Severe environments
  • Dependability
  • Numerical simulation (thermal, mechanical, ...)
  • EMC

Electronic expertiseDéveloppement d'un logiciel de test fonctionnel

  • Analogical: weak signal and precision measurements
  • Power: converters and motors
  • High tension
  • RF: Wife, Bluetooth, Lora, Sigfox ...
  • Digital: processors, microcontrollers and FPGA
  • Lighting for power LED
  • Industrial-oriented design, DFx

Software expertise

  • UML modelling
  • Embedded software
  • Real-time cores
  • Embedded Linux
  • Boot loader, BSP
  • Signal processing
  • Fieldbus & associated protocols
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Cloud micro service
  • Mobile apps
  • Industrialization & maintenance oriented design, DFx

Mechanic expertisetest prototype R&D

  • Form design, ergonomics
  • Quick Mock-up
  • Choice of materials & processes (plastics, sheet metal, machining, foundry ...)
  • Tooled design
  • Finite element calculation
  • Complex integration
  • Industrial-oriented design, DFx