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photo CMSThe Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is a manufacturing technique for electronic circuit boards which involves placing and soldering electronic components directly onto the surface of a printed circuit board. The éolane Group has 29 SMT lines distributed across 3 continents (including 20 in Europe) with a total industrial production capacity of 2 billion components per year.

We are experts in complex electronic products, and our lines are equipped with highly precise automated equipment. We meet your needs for small, medium, and large series with our flexible and high-speed production lines. We are committed to working with you in accordance with your market requirements.

SMT components advantages

Unlike traditional components (known as through-hole components), SMT components do not have metal terminations at their ends that are necessary for drilling the board during the soldering process, but rather they are directly soldered onto the surface of printed circuits. These components have many advantages:

  • Better adaptation to miniaturization and integration 
  • High degree of automation (thus reducing production costs and increasing productivity)
  • Increased reliability and precision

SMT soldering is mainly done by reflow, and if needed, by wave soldering.

SMT lines equipment

In order to optimize productivity and achieve operational excellence, our SMT lines are equipped with a wide range of high-tech equipment, including:

photo AOI 3D
  • Screen printing
  • 3D SPI (Screen Print Inspection)
  • Reflow ovens (standard under nitrogen, vacuum) that can achieve a VOIDS rate of less than 5%
  • 2D or 3D AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) that can inspect at a record speed of 65 cm2 per second
  • Placement robots with a throughput of 20,000 to over 125,000 components per hour and precision of 0.025mm
  • 4.0 conveyor systems that communicate with each other in order to optimize production flow without operator intervention
  • Traceability capabilities at the lot or individual component level on all our SMT lines.