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R&D and Industrialisation

From series production perspective, industrialisation is a key step that éolane R&D teams carry out for their customers. Either éolane integrates this step from the start of the electronic design phase, if it is entrusted to it, or the R&D teams interface with an almost completed design to finalize it and make it industrial.

Based on specifications, a diagram, a prototype, an existing product, R&D analyzes customer needs while ensuring the manufacturing costs optimization. éolane is able to manufacture prototypes, custom products, small quantities and manages the transfer of serial products to its production plants.

Diagram and routing

Exemple de Routage PCBFrom the design (electronic diagram) and requirements, éolane intervenes to:

  • provide a critical analysis of the diagram or more broadly a DFX service
  • enter this diagram in digital format using powerful design tools
  • provide the required equivalences
  • carry out the routing of the cards by applying the rules of the trade and taking into account the industrial constraints
  • make prototypes for routing validation and / or industrial process
  • transmit the complete product definition file and manufacturing files

DFX (Design For Excellence)

DFX makes a product industrial and optimizes its cost

  • Design For Purchasing (DFP) 
    • Optimization of references (limit the number of references, use standards)
    • Dual source (search for equivalents)
    • Component durability
  • Design For Manufacturing (DFM)
    • Analysis of the manufacturing process by applying the rules of the trade, AMDEC
    • Lean approach
    • Continuous search for manufacturing process optimizations
  • Design For Test (DFT)
    • Analysis of test strategies, accessibility
    • Calculation of test coverage (Testway)

Manufacturing steps

R&D provides data for the production of serial products

  • Definition File
    • Overall plan and sub-assemblies, assembly plans
    • Diagrams and nomenclatures
    • Manufacturing files (gerber, step, dwg)
    • Mechanical plans (sheet metal, machining, injection, etc.) and wiring
    • PCB specification plan
    • Drawings of labels to standards and specific packaging according to constraints

Photo outillage

  • Manufacturing and Verification Plan (product transfer document in production)
    • Special Product Features
    • Special purchasing specifications
    • Provisional production synoptic
    • Traceability constraints
    • Predictive testing and verification strategy
    • Tools
    • After-sales service operations

For the transfer to production, éolane distributes all the data necessary to the teams at its production sites:

  • Product presentation to the teams concerned: purchasing, methods and quality
  • Help in handling the different data of the definition file and the PFV
  • Technical support during the prototyping and first series phases

Beyond the production in factories, éolane R&D teams can support customers in the manufacture of:

  • prototypes
  • the first series
  • all Small Series (TPS)

A dedicated team intervenes to

  • Take into account the planning
  • Procurement of components
  • Organize production
  • Follow the product manufacture in prototype mode or on medium series
  • Keep informed of progress
  • Deliver related products and output documents

Other activities

éolane's R&D teams are also available to customers to:

Photo composants

  • Carry out product Reverse engineering in the event of an incomplete file: re-entry of the diagram, reconstruction of the nomenclature and plans, redevelopment of the software, etc.
  • Perform obsolescence analysis and organize component obsolescence monitoring in order to anticipate any supply problem
  • Cabling the prototypes thanks to éolane dedicated team (card cabling, wire cabling, product assembly / integration, etc.)

Differentiation criteria

  • Industrialisation that relies on the R&D teams skills at the center of multidisciplinary teams in permanent contact (Qualification Lab, Methods, Purchasing, Quality, etc.)
  • A attentive team and flexibility that allows R&D to intervene at any time during the life of the product and to adapt to needs
  • A very wide variety of products already manufactured across many business sectors, on production volumes ranging from very small series to large series
  • More than 20 years average experience