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Qualification Lab

Photo Logo Qualification Lab by éolaneIn order to support even more closely all the projects of its customers and future customers, éolane has enriched its services with a new offer: a new Qualification Lab by éolane. This technological breakthrough positions éolane as the only French EMS capable of qualifying and effectively improving the EMC and radio performance of developments. Accessible to all, this cutting-edge R&D expertise allows éolane to complete the overall support (from design to management of obsolescence of electronic assemblies) of all contractors’ requests. 




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Accreditation 1-6938 - Scope available on


éolane Group has received COFRAC accreditation attesting that its EMC and Radio laboratory "Qualification Lab by éolane" meets the requirements of the NF EN ISO/IEC 17025 - 2017 standard and the Cofrac application rules for analysis and test activities in :

  • Electricity / Various Electrical (or Electronic) apparatus
    • Electromagnetic compatibility tests in emission
    • Electromagnetic compatibility tests in immunity
  • Electronic, Computing and Telecommunications / Telecommunication Equipments
    • Testing of telecommunication terminal equipment

A laboratory's fulfillment of the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 means the laboratory meets both the technical competence requirements and management system requirements that are necessary for it to consistently deliver technically valid test results and ensures independence and confidentiality for its internal and external customers. The management system requirements in ISO/IEC 17025 are written in language relevant to laboratory operations and operate in accordance with the principles of ISO 9001.

This high-level certification laboratory, based on the CENTER Region Angers site, is connected to all of the group's production factories as well as to several other laboratories. éolane can provide this offer unrelated to production within an unprecedented period of only 3 weeks (compared to 6 or 8 weeks for other laboratories). An EMC expert is available to support development in all phases (from RAO to qualification) and to minimize partial and targeted risks to optimize deadlines and avoid redesigns due to non-compliance.
Finally, the éolane Qualification Lab helps reduce design costs for mass production, by testing design improvement.

  • Internal laboratory: 2k € / day
  • Intervention of an expert: 1.2k € / day

Offered services

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  • Regulatory assistance, risk analysis required for CE marking in Radio, CEM, BT or Atex directives. An international approach is compatible for the United States and Canada
  • EMC tests, ISO 17025 accredited, for emission and immunity in the automotive, military, aeronautics, rail, IoT, household electrical, medical, measuring devices ...
  • Radio tests, ISO 17025 accredited, for IoT: LoRa, Sigfox, BT, RFID, Wifi ...
  • Electrical safety tests, mainly EN61010-1 for measuring and industrial devices, EN62368-1 for audio / video, information technology and communication equipment and EN60335-X for household appliances.
  • An annual online check required on mass production for ECE R10 (automotive) regulations, ISO 17025 accredited,
  • A rapid obsolescence service: qualification of alternative references by optimizing the test plan and internal tests

Latest generation high-performance equipment

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  • A large Faraday cage: 8.3x5.5 m Full Anechoic Room,
  • A Reverberating Chamber with Brewing of Modes (RCBM),
  • A Rhode & Schwarz ESW26 Receiver: 26GHz, "Time Domain Scan" (1000 times faster than a conventional receiver),
  • All antennas required from 10 kHz to 26 GHz,
  • Power amplifiers for tests at + 600 V / m,
  • Pulse generators EN61000-4-x, ISO7637-x,
  • Free space measurement site for RFID

Examples of services

Examples of regulatory assistance

  • Optimization of the naming of devices in a family range to reduce registration costs in the United States for FCC rules
  • Use of military or automotive tests to justify compliance with certain CE marking requirements
  • Choice of the required standard for CE marking and automotive regulations on a radio device used in both trains and buses

Examples of fast obsolescence service
With a good knowledge of the equipment and an update of the risk analysis. The éolane experts only redo the tests necessary to ensure that the new reference will maintain the device's compliance.

Examples of tests performed

Radio: Qualification for the RED directive

  • EN 300220 for LoRa or other short range device
  • EN 300330 for RFID (125kHz, 13.56MHz)
  • EN 300328 for BT or Wifi devices
  • EN 301893 For 5 GHz Wifi

CE marking EMC, all types of product

  • EN 55032, EN 55035 tests for ATI equipment: CISPR 16-2-1 and 16-2-3 tests…
  • Immunity tests: EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-3 up to 30V / m, EN 61000-4-4, -4-5, -4-6, -4-8, -4 -11
  • EN 60601-1-2 for medical devices
  • EN 50121-3-2 for railway rolling stock
  • EN 301489-x for radio equipment

Automotive EMC 

  • CISPR 25 for ECE R10 for all ESAs: Electrical / electronic sub-assembly
  • BCI and RF immunity at 200 V / m ISO 11452-x
  • ESD according to ISO 10605
  • All ISO 7637-x standards soon

Aeronautical and military EMC

  • DO160 section 21: emissions, section 15: compass deviation
  • AECTP-500 NRE02 radiated emissions 10kHz-18GHz, NCE0x conducted emissions
  • Electrostatic discharge according to NCS12 of AECTP500, DO160 section 25
  • Immunity to injected fields and currents AECTP-500 NCS07, NRS02, DO160 section 20


Olivier Roy 

  • Expert in EMC and radio regulations, responsible for the laboratory (more than 20 years of experience in the same function,
  • Representative of aeolane at Redca: The Radio Equipment Directive Compliance Association