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From small to large series, from simple to complex integration, from class 1 to class 3+ electronic PCBA, éolane factories support electronic solutions that meet the challenges of various markets.

Thanks to production tools combining high technology and artificial intelligence, éolane designs the future smart industry a little more every day in order to achieve operational excellence.

Electronic PCBA

éolane factory picture

  • Nearly a billion components installed per year
  • From the standard IPC A610 Class 3 card
  • Miniaturization - High density PCBA
  • Selective soldering,  Varnishing, Resining,
  • From small series & low recurrence to large series
  • Chip On Board
  • Laser marking

Integration - Mechatronics

Electronic PCBA picture

  • Mechanical Assembly (Screwing, Clipping, Gluing, Assembly, Marking, Resining)
  • Micromechanics
  • Power Chest
  • Command bay


Wiring picture

  • Wired wiring
  • Wrapping
  • Stranded
  • Harness


X-ray test picture

  • Debugging
  • X-ray,  Automatic inspection system
  • Structural test, Functional test
  • CEM laboratory, Radio…