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Our values

Our values express who we are and carry our challenges.


Valeur Proches

Be truthful, confident and attentive to each others. This is how we want to live our relationships together.

  • Promote transparency and authenticity in our relations, bolstering our community cohesiveness,

  • Help implement the goodwill and support that helps us to tackle challenges together,

  • Be a player and source of proposals, in line with the trust that connects us,

  • Make attentiveness and respect the foundation stones of our interactions, in the framework of our multi-activity, multi-site organisation.


Valeur Agiles

Because the world moves very quickly, because change is part of our daily lives, we collaborate to imagine, act and reach our challenges together.

  • Embrace change as an opportunity to demonstrate our creativity and inventiveness,

  • Be committed to our services and our customers relationships,

  • Keep it simple, because pragmatism helps us overcome obstacles and eliminate unnecessary steps,

  • Draw on our all-round ability and the commitment of our community and our partners.


Valeur Expert(e)s

Our technological excellence profession obliges us: we commit to empower, cultivate and transmit this expertise every day, which contributes to the value we create.

  • Preserve and develop our expertise and know-how through training and sharing skills,

  • Increase the all-round ability and mobility in each of our business lines, key to both our flexibility and our attractiveness,

  • Ensure that our experiences are shared, so everyone can contribute to the collective value.


Valeur Engagé(e)s

Being aware of our industrial position into economy and society, proud of our role, we strive to make a difference together.

  • Communicate the belief in collectively contributing to an advancement by producing as close as possible to our customers' needs,

  • Strive to carry out our job with integrity, responsibility and pride,

  • Take a broad perspective, taking into account the environmental impact of our activity, and adopting innovations that are necessary and desirable.