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Visuel de la filière financière

The Finance Department of the company is responsible for the financial and accounting management of the organization. It ensures its stability and growth

Read Solène's interviewMy role is to support employees in achieving their goals and facilitate the company's actions. We are somewhat like translators, converting numbers into actions and vice versa, in a language accessible to everyone. Every day, we solve problems and provide assistance to others. In essence, we feel useful, and that's rewarding. Communication is paramount. It's necessary to approach others, share information in a clear and accessible manner.

Solène visual

Job Titles

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO): They oversee the financial activities of the company, develop financial strategy, provide analysis and financial reports to stakeholders.
  • Treasurer: They are in charge of managing the company's liquidity. They handle cash flows, forecast funding needs, and optimize financial investments.
  • Management Controller: They work closely with different divisions of the company to establish budgets and monitor performance against objectives. They lead a team of management controllers with similar goals.
  • General Accountant: They are responsible for recording all financial transactions of the company in the accounting books. They handle invoice processing, payments, receipts, and ensure that all transactions are correctly classified.
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable Clerks: They manage, respectively, the accounts of the company's suppliers and customers.