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Industrial Capacity


Key Point IndusThanks to a new dynamic and increasingly innovative, connected and automated production tools, the éolane production process is complete and flexible. Actor of Made In France and unique partner for all design, manufacturing and assembly services for electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies, éolane constantly optimizes its systems and production methods in order to bring the maximum level of quality to each project. The group has its own certification laboratory and is made up of numerous design offices enabling it to respond to customer requirements quickly and in a personalized manner.
Expert in the subcontracting of advanced electronic PCBA manufacturing,  from small to large series, éolane has a wide range of technologies at its disposal for:

  • the assembly of electronic boards (SMT lines, selective waves, PTH, COB, etc.)
  • test benches (SPI, AOI, and X-ray tests, ICT structural tests with mobile probes or bed of nails, functional tests, etc.)
  • cards resinating and varnishing (in order to improve the resistance of a final equipment to the environment in which it will have to operate)

Its production lines are optimized on the one hand thanks to the acquisition of robots and cobots to increase productivity and meet customer deadlines, and on the other hand thanks to the teams of dedicated operators whose expertise offers real added value at the level of quality and customization of éolane services. 

éolane production sites map

éolane production sites map

SMT capabilities

Continent Lines Capacity per year (CPH)
Europe 20 1 463 000 000
Africa 3 120 000 000
Asia 6 500 000 000

The lines are equipped with printing screen, SPI, SMD report, oven, 2D or 3D AOI and X-rays.


  • Wave soldering
Continent ROHS Lead
Europe 6 5
Africa 1 1
Asia 1 1


  • Selective wave
Continent ROHS/Lead
Europe 6
Asia 3


  • In Circuits Test
Continent Tester Brand
Europe 17 Teradyne, Keysight, TRI
Africa 2 Teradyne
Asia 5 TRI


  • Structural tests
Continent Tester Brand
Europe 10 TAKAYA
Africa 3 TAKAYA


  • Functional tests
Continent Tester Type
Europe >2500 Manual ou automatic
Africa >300 Manual ou automatic
Asia >300 Manual ou automatic

Other industrial tools

Type Lines
Varnishing line 7
COB (Chip On Board) line 2
Thermal chamber 30
Cables and harnesses 5
Integration lines and COBOTS 52
Measuring devices >4500

The éolane group has acquired a range of UR Universal Robots

The éolane group has acquired a range of UR Universal Robots to automate repetitive and laborious tasks. This allows the teams to add value to other parts of the production process who gains in quality.

Gamme de robots Universal Robots

Coupled with a glue bead application system, a universal screwing system or a functional multi-tester loading and unloading system (coupling a UR with a gripper system and a vision solution), UR robots are integrated into production lines by éolane's process teams according to specific customer needs.

This results in improved quality of the finished products for the customer and less laborious tasks for the operators who focus on high value-added tasks.