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éolane is a 100% owned  by Financière de l’Ombrée.

Each production sites is a company in its own right, grouped into regional hubs:

  • In France :
    • West Region with éolane Douarnenez
    • Center Region with éolane Angers and éolane Combrée
    • East Region with éolane Neuilly-en-Thelle, éolane Saint-Agrève and éolane Valence
  • In Morocco with éolane Temara and éolane Berrechid
  • In Germany with éolane Syscom GmbH - Berlin
  • In Estonia with éolane Tallinn
  • In China with éolane China -Suzhou - and éolane SCM - Shanghai.
Picture Directoire éolane
Stéphane Loras / Henri Juin / Isabelle Phung


  • A Board composed by 3 persons: 
    • Henri Juin - Chairman
    • Stéphane Loras - Chief Financial Officer
    • Isabelle Phung - General Secretary

The board proposes strategic orientations and Supervisory Board budgets. It implements deployments on the choices made. It leads the company by relying on expert collaborators within the company holding and on management teams at the head of each subsidiaries.


  • A Strategic Committee
    • Henri Juin - Chairman
    • Stéphane Loras - Chief Financial Officer
    • Isabelle Phung - General Secretary
    • Anthony Gilbert - Chief Operations Officer
    • Tony Quinchon - Vice President Sales éolane Group
    • Sébastien Depoorter- R&D General Manager
    • Yves David - West France General Manager
    • Alain Umenhover - Center France General Manager
    • David Jacquel - East France General Manager
    • Grace-Lingjia Colin - China General Manager
    • Antoine Yon - Estonia General Manager

which defines the company strategy and ensure its proper deployment.

Team CoStrat


  • An Industrial Committee

whose missions include working methods homogenization and production tools modernization.


  • An Offer Committee

which is in charge of evaluate our services costs in order to better control the profitability of our activities.


  • Quality Committee

who is in charge of leading the Group's quality network around best practices, feedback and dynamic maintenance and consistent of our quality system.