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éolane SYSCOM obtains ISO 14001 certification

The éolane SysCom team has just successfully obtained ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system.
éolane SysCom picture

Our German site thus joins éolane China, éolane Tallinn and the West and Center French regions in obtaining this certification.

To obtain this certification, éolane SysCom has demonstrated that it uses and manages natural resources preventively and sustainably.

Photo certification ISO 14001

Each year, the plant defines clear environmental objectives and undertakes:

  • To use 100% hydroelectric energy (Via the German operator Lichtblick),
  • To sort and reduce waste,
  • To use environmentally friendly cleaning products,
  • To dispose of batteries, electronic waste, chemicals with environmental professionals,
  • To use raw materials, energy and water sparingly,
  • To optimize logistics expenses.

One of its main goals and challenges for 2022 is the reduction of packaging materials and is currently studying the introduction of reusable packaging for its products…