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éolane SYSCOM

Key Figures

Resulting from the merge of éolane Berlin and SysCom electronic, éolane SYSCOM excels in the manufacture of electronic assemblies and complete complex systems, with a specialty concerning complex PCBA, fast prototyping and PMR (professional mobile radio) for secure telecommunications products and applications using digital technologies.

Thanks to an engineering office of 40 experts éolane SYSCOM is a specialist in the express manufacturing of prototypes and offers a complete service for electronic assemblies and equipment, from design to maintenance and aftermarket services.


Photo enrobage

Main activities


  • Engineering and NPI
    • Test development
  • Sourcing and Supply Chain
    • Sourcing
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Logistic
  • Production
    • Electronic boards assembly
    • Assembly and test of electronic modules, devices and systems
    • Configuration of devices and systems including FAT
  • After-sales Services
    • Workshop repair 
    • Refurbishment
    • On site service 

Special competences

Technical Services

Photo R&D Test fonctionnel d'un prototype

  • NPI and prototyping, feasibility studies, risk analysis
  • Development of test benches (hardware and software)
  • Network of suppliers and distributors for turnkey solutions
  • Design validation, DFM (Design For Manufacturing), product certification
  • 25 years of experience in the integration of radio and communication systems

PCB Assembly  

  • Close and lasting cooperation with local partners for small and medium volumes, and international partners for large volumes
  • Production capacities with and without lead (vapour phase soldering machine, selective soldering...)
  • Fast service for samples and prototypes
  • Special skills for flex foil processing

Production tools

Production tools schema

factory berlin picture

  • 2SMT lines
  • SPI
  • Reflow and vapour phase soldering
  • AOI
  • X ray inspection
  • 2 Prototyping assembly work stations
  • Replacement of FinePitch, BGAs, CSPs et FlipChip components
  • Selective wave soldering
  • Wave soldering
  • Press Fit technology 
  • Electronic testing procedures
    • Functional tests
    • ICT (In Circuit Test)
    • Isolation test 
    • Flying probes
    • EMC tests 
    • Climate tests
  • Smart Supply Chain management (supplier, storage and price management)