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éolane, scientific partner and sponsor of Fabrice Amedeo's oceanographic project

The éolane group is proud to announce its commitment to skipper Fabrice Amedeo for the next 4 years. This support is part of his #OceanCalling Oceanographic project, in parallel with his offshore races which will lead him in particular to participate in the Vendée Globe 2024 aboard his IMOCA Nexans - Art & Fenêtres.
A round-the-world sailing tour, without stopovers and without assistance, which the skipper wishes to achieve without using fossil fuels.
éolane, scientific partner and sponsor of Fabrice Amedeo

This innovative and collective project begins with a tour of France in June and July, which will measure the microplastic pollution levels along the coasts. The stopovers will be an opportunity to raise public awareness about the oceans preservation.

Our group provides technological and scientific support for the skipper's original approach, which combines the sporting challenge, an ocean analysis mission, and the energy transition promotion. Throughout his travels, during the race or during his various journeys, he will collect valuable data for research.

These data (CO2 levels, salinity, microplastics) will be analyzed by scientific partners working on these subjects, almost in real time and then on the basis of samples. They will then be made available to the entire international scientific community, to help better understand the impact of pollution and global warming on the oceans.

This unifying project resonates with our corporate vision: the technological challenge, respect for the planet and openness to the world. Like Fabrice Amedeo, our group was built in Maine-et-Loire before rolling out throughout France and then around the world. Fabrice Amedeo's challenge in the service of science and the environment embodies all of our group's values: team spirit, innovation and the deployment of our made in France know-how internationally.

Alongside Ifremer, the University of Bordeaux, IRD * Geomar, the Max Planck Institute, OceanOPS and the COI * - Unesco, éolane will put its cutting-edge technologies at the service of Fabrice Amedeo, as we do for our customers, who are increasingly committed to an ecological transition process that respects the environment, particularly in the transport field.

Beyond the sporting challenge and the commitment to the service of science and the environment protection, Fabrice Amedeo is embarking on a fight in favor of the ecological and energy transition by making the bet to go around the world without fossil fuels. Thus, in the continuity of the last Vendée Globe during which he was able to test certain tools, his boat will be powered by green energies: solar panels, wind turbines and hydro-generators.

Fabrice Amedeo's sailboat, a true concentrate of technologies, will thus be able to count on éolane innovation strength and technological capacity. It will display our colors during many races for the next 4 years: Transat Jacques Vabre, Route du Rhum and especially Vendée Globe.

  • For Fabrice Amedeo :

I am very happy with the arrival of éolane by my side until the next Vendée Globe. It's a company that has its roots in Anjou, where I grew up and have my own origins. We share a destiny community as well. Our partnership will be placed under the sign of resilience and rebound. éolane has enjoyed great economic success for several months. For my part, I went through a complicated period with the Vendée Globe last winter, and my ambition is to bounce back and move forward. To do this, I will be counting on the invaluable support of the éolane teams who will assist me with the electronics of the boat. Together we will develop and make my boat more reliable.

  • For Henri Juin, éolane board Chairman:

éolane is very proud to support Fabrice and his project. Sailing is a sport which perfectly embodies our fundamentals: commitment, technological challenge, ecological ambition. Our development and transformation strategy should enable the group to become, by 2025, one of the spearheads of a sovereign French electronic ecosystem. This plan is called "Alizées". This is more than a pretty coincidence; it is a communion of spirit. Fabrice’s project appealed to us straight away because we recognized ourselves in this idea of combining self-improvement and technology in the service of the planet.


*COI: International Oceanographic Commission
*IRD: Research Institute for Development