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éolane Saint-Agrève

éolane Saint-Agrève facade

With 190 employees and a factory of 6000m², éolane Saint-Agrève is a specialist in industrialisation, manufacturing, testing and integration of electronic and electromechanical assemblies in small and medium technological series.


éolane Saint-Agrève factory

  • IPC A610 Class 3 Cards - Nuclear, Railway & Industrial Energy
  • Complex integration (sub-assemblies, interconnection)
  • From the Very Small Series / Low recurrence (OF <10pieces) to the medium series (OF between 100 and 500pcs)
  • Power Electronics
  • Industrialisation
  • Prototyping
  • Wired wiring
  • Structural and hardened tests of cards and systems
  • Maintenance in Operational Condition
  • After Sales Service – Logistics


  • Prototype / ei manufacturing
  • FMEA Process, Test, Purchasing
  • NPI-Start of activities, Project management
  • DFC (Design for Cost)
  • DFMA (Design For Manufacturing and Assembly).
  • DFT (Design For Test). Testability of products
  • Development and implementation of custom test benches (HP Vee, Labview…)
  • Sustainability / Obsolescence management
  • Possibility of full traceability (Material and MO) at PCBA

Specific areas of expertise

Special processes

Varnishing robot picture

  • Varnishing (manual and automatic)
  • Potting
  • Debugging (static and dynamic)
  • Mechanical and chemical stripping
  • Process Rohs, Lead, inert under nitrogen
  • Pin in paste
  • Traditional and laser selective soldering
  • NoClean process
  • Cleaning process
  • Ion contamination control

Mastered technologies 

  • BGA in steps of 0.4 (Capacity to install 0.22)
  • CMS 0201 box (Qualification OK for 01005)
  • Exposed-Pad (QFN - LGA)
  • Edge Mount connectors
  • Press FIT
  • POP (Package on Package)
  • Large PCBA cabling

Development of test solutions

From testability analysis, to industrialization and development of all production test facilities.

Production test means

Production testing tools

ICT test mobile probes picture

  • Flying probes testers
  • In-Situ testers
  • Boundary Scan station
  • Dielectric test
  • Functional test 
  • Static/dynamic debugging

Gender equality index - 2020

78 points

Indicator calculated in accordance with the decree of January 08, 2019.