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éolane innovates in the connected objects updating

éolane's R&D teams innovate in the update protocol of connected objects thanks to Bluetooth Mesh
Picture of the model used for the demonstration

Manufacturers are on the front line of the decarbonization and energy sobriety challenge and must find solutions to design their systems differently. It is in this context that our R&D department has developed an expertise based on Bluetooth Mesh.

To illustrate this application, we propose you to discover a Smart City use case of urban lighting: 

This innovation simplifies data control and transmission between interconnected devices within a mesh. In concrete terms, it allows a set of devices to be updated from a single device, using a smartphone, a tablet, or any other Bluetooth device.

éolane is now able to: 

  • build a Bluetooth Mesh network
  • implement manufacturer models
  • do unit and group addressing
  • update all the devices of a Bluetooth Mesh network in an autonomous way