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éolane enters 2022 on solid foundations

After two years marked by the Covid-19 crisis, éolane sees the future with confidence and ambition, the group has durably equipped itself to face the challenge of the component crisis but also to support the French industrial renewal movement within the framework of its Alizés strategic plan.
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After several months of work with all the teams, the shareholders and the State, éolane was able to carry out a major overhaul of its financial structure, giving it more stability, more strength and a positive momentum to continue its development. 

A positive year in 2021 despite the component supply crisis

éolane presents very satisfactory results in 2021 with an EBITDA that exceeds 13 million euros (+18% compared to 2020) and a marked growth in its international activities (+15%), despite the crisis in the components that affects the entire electronics industry.

This crisis continues to bring uncertainties that will last for several more months and requires flexibility and adaptation.

However, many news allow us to be optimistic for 2022.
Commercial activity remains very strong, particularly internationally with an order book growing by more than 45 million euros, witnessing the arrival of more than 40 new customers in 2021 (particularly in the medical field and activities related to renewable energies and the electrification of the automobile).

Substantial investments to prepare for the future

To prepare for the future, éolane is continuing to invest and modernize its production tools at all of its sites. This is particularly the case in Combrée, where éolane is investing 2 million euros in a new production line, as part of a project supported by the France Relance plan.

In 2022, the group expects an investment of around 12 million euros for all of its sites

The purpose of these investments is to ensure the best level of performance and the highest quality standards at the service of all of its customers.

A profound financial overhaul of the group has been carried out with the support of all of its financial partners

After having taken part in the challenge of producing 10,000 respirators in Spring 2020, éolane was selected as the winner of the Recovery Plan at the end of 2020, to support its investment projects, thus confirming its role as an essential company recognized by the authorities. public and its customers.

éolane has once again seen this confidence confirmed and has therefore initiated and succeeded in a profound financial overhaul.

With the support of all its partners, the group is strengthening its share capital by 50 million euros. By the end of the first half of 2022, it will have an additional 48 million euros in cash.

All these actions, carried out within the framework of its Alizés strategic plan, will enable éolane not only to overcome the challenges of 2022 linked to the components crisis, but also those of the present decade. More than ever, the éolane group is fully capable of supporting the French relocation and reindustrialization dynamic, which everyone is calling for.

-Henri Juin, Chairman of the Board