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éolane Combrée

éolane Combrée facade

Created in 1975, éolane Combrée is the group's historic company. It brings together R&D skills and the manufacturing of complete and complex electronic products on the same site off 10.000m2 and 380 employees, ranging from the wiring of electronic cards to the testing of cards and systems and the integration of finished products.


In-situ test picture

  • Product/ Process industrialisation
  • IPC A610 Class 3 PCBA Aero/Defence, Energy Nuclear & Medical
  • Complex integration (sub-assemblies, interconnection)
  • From very small series / low recurrence (OF<10pcs) to large series (OF > 500pcs)
  • Test strategy
  • Test benches development

Operation area

  • R&D (system, hardware, software, beam, mechanics and qualification)
  • Product industrialization (DFx)
  • Process industrialization (process design, EI, PPAP)
  • NPI and Prototypes
  • Electronic products production
    • Card assembly (PCBA)
    • Related processes
    • Wired wiring
    • Flying Probe, ICT & functional tests
    • Integration in enclosures and boxes
    • Reliability platform (vibration, climatic test, endurance)
    • Complete supply chain management under SAP up to the end customer
  • After-sales and end-of-life product management

Specific skills


R&D picture

  • Electric actuator control / command
  • Very low power architecture
  • Analog electronics very weak signals
  • GUI
  • Power electronics (from 1kw to 100 Kw)
  • Dependability
  • Connected objects / Radio Frequency
  • CMMI level 2 project management
  • Lighting
  • Thermal simulation
  • Plastics design / Average test design
  • Duplication very small series
  • Maintenance in Operational Condition


  • Analysis of test coverage and proposal of an optimized test strategy (Testway)
  • JTAG, functional test, tightness, endurance, vibration, ICT, temperature ...
  • Measurements traceability

Production tools

  • 4 SMD Automatic Lines (for a capacity of 150,000 components / hour)
  • Automatic 3D control after screen printing SPI (Solder Past Inspection)
  • Automatic control after reflow AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)
  • 2 X-Ray Control Machines (BGA, QFN components…)
  • Xpress Control System by intuitive inspection
  • Laminar and selective brazing waves (ROHS - Restriction of hazardous substances)
  • Manual varnishing
  • Automatic varnishing Class 3
  • Potting medium: resin, glues (underfill, etc.)
  • In Situ testers park: Genrad, Takaya, Spectrum
  • Functional testers
  • Process automation: collaborative robots
  • 15 ovens for climatic / aging tests, VRT (Rapid Temperature Variation)
  • An organization in UAP (Autonomous Production Unit)

Gender equality index - 2020

76 points

Indicator calculated in accordance with the decree of January 08, 2019.