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éolane CHINA

Key Figures

With a surface area of  11 500 m2 and an engineering office, éolane CHINA specializes in the design and the manufacture of professional electronic equipment. With its own supply subsidiary of PCB and mechanical parts for high quality electronics and electrical industry, éolane CHINA assists clients in managing the whole supply chain of their products:

  • identifying and selecting suppliers according to clients needs
  • supplier management
  • performance analysis
  • comprehensive logistics chain management (including customs procedures)


Photo China Opératrice inspectant une carte

  • Conformal coating
  • Automatic pin insertion
  • Selective wave soldering
  • Medium and large series (OF 100 to 20000 pcs)
  • PCBA washing
  • Fast prototype
  • Design for Manufacturing and Cost (DFM and DFC)
  • Supply chain development and management:
    • Wide product ranges: PCB metal parts, LCD, cable, plastic parts, power adapter...
    • Costs and deadlines optimization
    • Focusing on small and medium series
    • Professional on extreme requirement on technology and quality
  • Hardware startup cultivation (éolane IoT)

R&D Services

  • DFM (Design for Manufacturing) and DFT (Design for Testing)
  • Hardware design
  • Software design
  • Mechanical design
  • PCB design
  • Component engineering
  • Test and certification

Production tools

Photo ligne CMS

éolane CHINA operates a number of high-standard SMT lines for the surface mounting of components (including LEDs, CSPs, and BGAs). Thanks to high-tech production tools, this production site offers many integration processes:

  • automatic pin insertion processes,
  • double pin insertion WAVE soldering processes,
  • hand soldering processes,
  • de-paneling (V-CUT,ROUTE,PUNCH),
  • automatic gluing processes

Our automatic conformal coating lines can provide selective coating and dipping services, while our highly skilled and IPC-certified operation team delivers high quality soldering compliant with IPC Acceptance Class 2 and 3.

Production tools schema

Photo inspection rayon X
Automatic X ray inspection
  • 5 SMT lines
  • 3 waves and 1 selective wave soldering
  • 1 washing machine for PCBA
  • 3 equipments for high precision coating 
  • 3 Depanel routers
  • 2 pin insertion machines
  • 1 automation line (in development)
  • 1 automatic BGA repair station
  • 1 automatic pressfit machine
  • 1 precision dispenser
  • 1 laser marking machine
  • 4 3D SPI (Solder Paste Inspection)
  • 5 2D AOI and 1 3D AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)
  • 1 X-ray testing equipment
  • Flying Probes
  • 3 ICT testers (In Circuit Test)
  • High voltage test
  • Isolation test
  • 10 equipments for functional test
  • System maintenance test
  • 1 3D laser height measuring machine
  • 1 aging chamber
  • DFM software

Products supplied

Photo contrôle d'entrée des PCB

  • Double sides PCB and Multilayers PCB
  • IMS-Insulated Metal Base PCB
  • Push Back Punching PCB
  • Flexible PCB
  • Rigid-Flex PCB
  • Semi-Flex PCB
  • Die Casting Metal
  • Laser Cutting and Sheet Metal
  • Machining Metal
  • Extrusion Metal
  • Overmolding Injection Plastic
  • 3D Printing Plastic
  • Rubber and Silicone
  • Membrane Keypad
  • TN LCD
  • OLED
  • Cable Assembly
  • Wire Harness
  • Power Adapter