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éolane Berrechid

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With a workforce of 190 people and 3.500m2 of factory, éolane Berrechid assembles electronic PCBA from through components or CMS in small, medium and large series.


éolane Berrechid factory

  • Product / Process Industrialisation
  • IPC cards A610 Class 3 Medical / Home automation / Industry
  • From small series (OF between 10 / 100pcs) to large series (OF> to 5000pcs)
  • Basket activity for French sites, Direct customer management (appros included)

Services offered

Test AOI picture

  • Complete management of logistics and customs clearance
  • Prototyping and IE
  • Manufacture of small, medium and large series cards
  • Assembly of sub-assemblies
  • Coaxial wired cabling
  • Integration of complete systems
  • ICT test and functional test
  • AOI Vision Control
  • RX control and ZEVAC repair
  • Ion contamination test
  • Dielectric test

Industrialisation expertise

  • Industrialisation for direct customers
  • Creation of manufacturing files
  • FMEA Process, Test
  • NPI - Start of activities
  • Traceability (components, operations, operators)
  • After-Sales services

Special processes

Varnishing picture

  • CMS assembly
  • Wave soldering: RoHS and Pb
  • Cleaning process
  • Static and dynamic debugging
  • Varnishing
  • Potting (TWINFLOW BVR)
  • Specific bonding
  • Pad printing

Production tools

3D AOI picture

  • Three SMD lines, one of which is equipped with 3D AOI
  • Rx control equipment
  • Two waves: a RoHs and a SnPb
  • A card washing machine
  • Ion contamination control equipment
  • Two varnishing booths
  • Three test methods with mobile probes
  • Two in situ testers