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Electronics Expertise

The 3 R&D centres of éolane group have been able to gain experience thanks to the 70 projects handled per year in various sectors of activity, such as medical, automotive, railway, telecoms, nuclear or even industry. The group value proposition is based on expertise and tailor-made services to meet a wide range of needs. éolane assists its customers in drafting specifications, designing and verifying complete products, industrializing prototypes and during the obsolescence tracking. 
The electronics business is part of a product development process (multi-business), driven by a system approach and constantly enriched by project experience feedback. éolane’s R&D teams always adapt it according to the customer and market context.

Electronic expertise area

Electronic manipulation picture

  • Analog: 
    • Weak signal acquisition (nA,uV)
    • Precision measurement in tough environment
    • Digital conversion 
  • Energy conversion (up to 10kW):
    • Power supplies DC/DC, AC/DC, AC/AC, DC/AC
    • Motor control : Brushless, stepper, continuous
  • Radio frequency:
    • Lora, Sigfox
    • WIFI, Bluetooth
    • 2G, 3G, 4G
    • Antennas choice
  • Digital: 
    • Microcontroller STM32, Synergy, Aurix, EFM32
    • FPGA, Processors IMX6, IMX8, SAMA5, 
    • Communication bus: CAN, LIN, Ethernet, USB …
  • Lighting:
    • Power LEDs (unitary, matrices) 
    • Energy conversion 
    • Optics choice
  • Qualification:
    • EMC: advice, normative analysis, conducted and radiated measurements, full qualification
    • ATEX: intrinsically safe

The strengths of éolane electronic business

  • Technical referents in each expertise areas: techno and market watch, capitalization
  • In R&D, integration of DFX constraints (Design for Test, Manufacturing) to design an optimized product ready to be produced
  • Market constraints knowledge: automotive, medical, industry, energy
  • Integration of operational safety constraints in our designs:
    • EN61508 SIL2 and SIL3
    • EN50129 SIL2 and SIL3
    • ISO 25119 AGPL C and D
  • Taking into account EMC constraints from the product architecture

éolane tools

Thermal simulation picture

  • CAO
    • Internal: DX Designer, PADS
    • External: Cadence, Zuken, Expedition...
    • 3D modeling integrable in mechanical CAD for verification of integration and insulation
  • Simulation
    • Electronic: PSPICE, LTSPICE
    • Thermic: PICLS
    • FPGA: SIM model
  • Component base 
    • Purchasing costs optimization
    • REACH and ROHS data integration
    • Components sustainability monitoring

Realization example

  • Features:
    • Management of buttons and potentiometers with diagnostics
    • CAN and LIN bus
    • LED backlighting
  • Deliveries :
    • Complete electronic and mechanical design
    • Dependability ISO 25119
    • Design To Cost
    • Complete automotive and military validation
Armored vehicle multiplexer picture
  • Functions:
    • Control of vehicle components
    • Control of safety devices (SIL2 level at system level)
    • Communication on different vehicle networks
  • Deliveries :
    • Complete electronic and mechanical design
    • Dependability: SIL2 approval
    • Military validation and qualification
Rail signaling torch picture
  • Function:
    • Railway signaling torch indicating the presence of an obstacle on the track
  • Features:
    • 4500 Candela minimum
    • Supply via SNCF network
    • Viewing distance: 1250 meters
    • Monitoring via 3G / 4G network with monitoring box
  • Deliveries:
    • Complete electronic and mechanical design
    • Dependability: SIL2 approval
    • EN 50155 and EN 50125-3 validation and qualification
Robot control panel picture
  • Function:
    • Touchscreen tablet for the industrial environment
  • Deliveries:
    • Complete electronic and mechanical design
    • BSP design
    • Full validation and qualification