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EAST Region

key figures of the region

The EAST Region is made up of three production sites based respectively in Neuilly-En-Thelle, Saint-Agrève and Valence.

Specialized in the industrialisation, manufacture, testing and integration of complete and complex electronic and electromechanical assemblies, the EAST Region is able to intervene in all stages of a product's life cycle.


Photo usine Saint-Agrève

  • Process IPC A610 Class 3 PCBA RailwayMedicalNuclear, EnergyIndustry 
  • Complex Integration (sub-assemblies, Inter Connectic) and Cabinets or Racks
  • From very Small Series / Low recurrence (OF <10pieces) to medium series (OF between 100 and 500pcs)
  • Test Strategy
  • Test benches development
  • Power electronic


Photo test fonctionnel
Functional test
  • Testability study, analysis of the test strategy and coverage
  • Test benches development (from testability analysis, to industrialisation and development of all production test resources)
  • Industrialisation & Prototyping (Proto Report, FAI)
    • Prototype / ei manufacturing
    • NPI-Start of activities, Project management
    • Development and implementation of custom test benches (HP Vee, Labview…)
    • Sustainability / Obsolescence management
    • Possibility of full traceability (Material and MO) at PCBA
  • Design and production of specific tools (CAO, Machining, 3D printing)
  • PCB design analysis and component report:
    • DFMA (Design For Manufacturing and Assembly) : Component layout, PCB routing
    • DFT (Design For Test) : Coverage and test strategy
    • AMDEC : Risk analysis
    • DFC (Design For  Cost)
  • After sales service (troubleshooting cards and electronic products)
  • BGA and all types of CMS boxes repair

Specific skills

Special processes

Photo vernissage manuel
Manual varnishing
  • Automatic or manual varnishing
  • Automatic or manual coating / potting
  • Static and dynamic debugging (VRT)
  • Mechanical and chemical stripping
  • Process Rohs, Lead, inert under nitrogen
  • Traditional and laser selective soldering
  • NoClean process
  • Cleaning process
  • Wrapping
  • Tensile tests (crimping)
  • Faraday cage tests
  • Ion contamination control

Mastered technologies 

  • BGA in steps of 0.4 (Capacity to install 0.22)
  • CMS 0201 box (Qualification OK for 01005)
  • Exposed-Pad (QFN - LGA)
  • Edge Mount connectors, Pin in Paste…
  • Package on Package (POP)
  • FR4, SMI, Flex, Flex-Rigid …
  • Press FIT
  • Large PCBA cabling

Integration mounting

  • Electromechanics: Integration of complex and high-precision products
  • Wired: Making cables, harnesses and specific strands
  • Box, Racks, Chassis...

Production tools

Expert in subcontracting the manufacture of electronic cards from small to medium series, the éolane EAST region has at its disposal a wide range of technologies to support its customers throughout the life cycle of their products.

Production tools schema

Photo ligne CMS

  • High speed SMT lines 
  • Waves soldering (Rohs, SnPb)
  • 1 selective wave 
  • 1 Connection fitting system (Pressfit)
  • 2X10 zones refusal oven
  • 1 SMT production line dedicated to prototypes
  • 3D machine (entry control)
  • Automatic screen printing with 2D solder paste inspection
  • Jet printing screen printing equipment
  • Online optical inspection machines (AOI)
  • X-ray inspection equipments
  • Flying probes testers (TAKAYA) 
  • In-Situ testers (TERADYNE, HP…)
  • Boundary Scan station
  • 1 SATAN 7 tester + instrumental bays
  • 1 ION CONTAMINATION (UV control)
  • 1 semi automatic BGA repair station
  • 2 dehumidification cabinets (MSL)
  • 1 NC25 automatic cleaning machine
  • 1 automatic varnishing line and 1 manual varnishing room
  • Automatic and manual potting lines
  • 8 static and dynamic debugging ovens (VRT)
  • 2 Wrapping stations
  • 4 Faraday cages
  • 10 client / product oriented integration areas
  • 4 stations for manual insertion of through components