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Clean room ISO 8

éolane has a 700m2 ISO Class 8 Clean Room in Angers.

 Salle Blanche Iso 8

The ISO 8 room standard (or Class 100.000 according to the US standard) requires users to have a particular level of equipment to maintain, according to the ISO 14644-1 standard, a maximum of 29.3 particles of 5µm/m3.
It is a closed contamination environment where air quality (particle concentration), temperature, hygrometry and pressure are controlled and mastered.
It requires strict operating procedures and a high equipment level.
It guarantees that no significant particles (dust) will disturb the assembly of sensitive electronic components.

This room, which protects the production of sensitive microelectronic processes, meets IATF requirements.

This clean room allows:

Image Wafer

  • Miniaturization / Optimization
  • Performance Improvement
  • Thermal Dispersion
  • Parasite Reduction (Rf)
  • Power Consumption Reduction

It is organized in 4 areas (with individual traceability of components from the beginning of the manufacturing process):

  • Component transfer line - SMT
  • Microchip assembly line - Chip On Board
  • Integration line - BACK END
  • Hybrid and final TESTS area

SMT area

Automated SMT line - small, medium and large series

Ilot CMS

  • PCB FR4, Ceramic substrates, SMI (Al & Cu),
  • Screen printing
  • Report component size 1005
  • Reflow process
  • Convection oven
  • Vacuum convection oven (VOIDS rate < 5%)
  • Vacuum Vapor Phase Oven
  • AOI & X-ray control
  • Card cleaning
  • HFE
  • Vigon A200

Ilot COB

  • Glue dispensing / Stamping / Flux dipping
  • Flip chip transfer
  • Wafer size 4-12'' / Waffle pack / gel pack (10µm placement accuracy)
  • Automatic Wire Bonding (Al wire / Fine Au from 17,5 to 60µm)
  • Automatic Wire Bonding (Heavy AL wire from 100 up to 600µm)
  • Ball bonding (AL / Au wire : from 20 up to 50 µm)
  • Underfill / Dam & Fill / Glop top / Top cover sealing


Back END area – Integration

  • Automatic integration of electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies in a final environment,

Ligne Back End

  • Integration of special custom-made equipment:
  • Glue and gel dispensing robots (humidity), placement robots...
  • Heavy wire cabling,
  • AOI,
  • Encapsulation,
  • Automatic control of glue joints and wire bonding
  • Laser marking,

TEST area

Ilot Test

  • Hybrid tests between COB and Back End islands
  • In Situ Test (resistance, diode capacity of components)
  • MOS test (power components test)
  • FCT test (test in operational condition)
  • Final tests after the Back End island
  • VRT burn-in
  • Final Test (functional tests of temperature rise)