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Chiffres clés de la régionThe CENTER region is made up of two production sites based in Angers and Combrée.

This region brings together the skills necessary to manufacture complete and complex electronic products, ranging from electronic boards wiring to boards and systems testing and finished products integration. With an engineering office, the CENTER Region is specialized in the industrialisation and manufacture of encapsulated microelectronic solutions.


Carte électronique

R&D Specific skills

Photo R&D


  • Project management
  • DFM (Design For Manufacture), DFT (Design For Test)
  • Prototypes - short cycle
  • Production tests, reliability tests
  • Compliance with specifications
  • Experience plans, validation reports
  • Manufacturing and control record
  • Industrial development: manufacturing process, resources, tools, test or simulation software


  • Analysis of test coverage and proposal of an optimized test strategy (Testway)
  • Plastics design / Average test design
  • JTAG, functional test, tightness, endurance, vibration, ICT, temperature ...
  • Measurements traceability
Photo du laboratoire de certification
EMC laboratory

Other skills

  • Electric actuator control / command
  • Very low power architecture
  • Analog electronics very weak signals
  • GUI
  • Power electronics (from 1kw to 100 Kw)
  • Dependability
  • Connected objects / Radio Frequency
  • CMMI level 2 project management
  • Lighting
  • Duplication very small series
  • Certification laboratory (Qualification Lab by éolane)
  • Maintenance in Operational Condition

Production tools

Expert in the subcontracting of PCBA manufacturing from small to large series, the éolane CENTER Region has at its disposal a wide range of technologies to support its customers throughout the life cycle of their products.

Production tools schema

Photo cobot
“duAro” COBOT
  • 5 SMT lines with a capacity of 150,000 components / h (vacuum furnace, vacuum vapor phase, standard reflow)
  • 1 Pb wave line and 2 ROSH waves lines
  • 2 selective multi-pot waves (Pb and ROSH)
  • Means of control: SPI, AOI, X-ray and Xpress by intuitive inspection
  • Test means: Takaya, Genrad, Spectrum, Synor, specific functional tests
  • Process automation: collaborative robots
    • 5 cobots (integrating, dispensing and screwing)
  • 2 COB lines (Chip On Board)
  • 1 certification laboratory
  • Coating capacity (manual and automatic class 3)
  • 10 integration lines with fully digitized test and work instructions
  • Climatic chambers: 7 plus 2 for thermal shock
  • Chip depositing machine (plug on wafer)