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After-Sales Services

RMA and after sales services visual

éolane is committed over the long term in order to fully satisfy the requirements of its customers. An efficient repair service keeps products in operational condition over time.

Furthermore, one of the electronics market’s challenges is that it is constantly evolving, therefore, éolane supports companies in the obsolescence management of their products and helps them to define the best sustainability strategy.


  • Maintenance in Operational Condition


  • Obsolescence Management (hardware and Software)


  • Long-term storage of electronic components
  • After-sales services


  • Waste treatment



electonic card

R&D offer for monitoring the obsolescence of electronic components on your boards
Ensure the longevity of your products with our R&D services.

To avoid :

  • A supply shortage,
  • Stopping production of your boards,
  • A major financial impact.


éolane offers you a service to :

  • Detect component obsolescence as early as possible,
  • Identify possible solutions (equivalence, stock, etc.),
  • Redesign your boards if necessary.

An annual subscription including :

  • Two reports per year for all your references1
  • Status and indicative durability per reference 
  • Equivalence proposals for liabilities2 for up to 4 obsolete references per BOM³.

Specific quotes will be provided for obsolescence of semiconductors and components on plan.

 Fixed price for any BOM4 up to 80 references

              6,000€ excluding VAT5 for the first year 
              4,000€ excluding VAT in subsequent years6

¹ with the exception of non-critical multi-source references
² if possible
285 per additional obsolete liability reference
⁴ in Excel format
⁵ Price subject to annual review
⁶ if no service interruption



Logistic picture

éolane's objective is to become the essential service platform to help manufacturers design, industrialise and produce electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies, as well as manage the related logistics and after-sales activities.

In order to meet this last objective, éolane has built a 4000m2 logistics platform in Douarnenez. A team of 40 people manages more than 500,000 items and 1,000 references in transit each year.

More than 150,000 parcels/year are sent, with web service tracking, all over the world for our B2B customers and more directly, our customers' B2C customers. 

Various services are provided in addition to classic stock management:

  • Reception on order / Quality control,
  • Rotating inventory, annual inventory, etc.
  • Article database (nomenclature and change management), suppliers, customers, etc.
  • Taking charge of orders to final customers
  • Specific operations: pairing, serialisation, software recovery, hardware upgrade, etc.
  • Packaging, search for shipping solutions, compliance with transport standards (IATA, etc.)


We also manage downstream logistics (after-sales service, MCO, etc.), including

  • Management of customer returns (RMA, Swap, Advance SWAP, etc.),
  • Tri-testing, repair, upgrade, refurbishing, repackaging...,
  • Warranty management versus suppliers,
  • Repair statistics,
  • Waste and WEEE management,


Dedicated and configurable IT tools are deployed to meet the needs of customers

  • EDI interfaces, web service,
  • Track and trace at carrier and stock level (notion of deposit vs process),
  • Extranet access possible for consultation or interactivity in the processes,
  • Monthly reporting, invoicing, KPIs, statistics...


Building on its success in Douarnenez, éolane is now devoting 3,000m2 to logistics and after-sales services in the Eastern Region at its Neuilly-en-Thelle and Valence sites.